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Easy Peasy Super Functional Seat Covers!


Has life gotten as hectic for you as it is us right now??!!

I have to share these super functional seat covers we made for our dining room chairs.  I am so excited to be protecting our chairs!  Yeah, dorky, I know.

My aunt and uncle gave us their super well cared for table and chairs.  The chairs are beautifully upholstered…and can you guess what these are going to look like if I don’t cover them soon??!!  And let me tell you—I SO wish I had had these babies before the marshmallow gun war…not pretty on my chairs…

See, nice right?!

We put towels over the seats for quite a while…but it was just a hassle and knew we had to do something more permanent.

So…. We made super easy seat covers.  I thought this project would take me an afternoon…until my help showed up…

My super cute helper!

She loves my sewing machine…loves to take the spool of thread off while I am sewing, likes to unwind the thread, likes to grab at the spinning wheel on the side, likes to unplug the machine, you get the idea…pretty much super helpful! lol!

How can you get upset with a face like that??!!

Back to the seat covers…  We took a cheapo towel, the cheapest vinyl flannel backed table cloth we could find, some bias tape (could totally make your own-I was just being lazy) or ribbon, and thread. (I can’t take all the credit for this idea…my mom figured out all the particulars.)

Half a towel covered the chair seat.  So, we cut each towel in half then cut out notches where the back of the chair meets the seat.

The first cover I made I cursed a lot sewed the bias tape around the edge of each opening and hemmed the cut side of the towel.  The second cover I made I just zig zagged around all the raw edges and sewed the bias tape on so it would tie around the legs of the chair.

Added a piece of vinyl tablecloth to the underside of the part of the towel covering the top of the seat.  I didn’t think of it initially, but we sewed ties underneath for the front legs to help hold the cover in place.

Can you see everything? This is the bottom side of the finished seat cover. The ties at the notches are for the back legs and the ties towards the front of the towel are for the front legs of the chair.

And now we have more "boring beige" in our house!! LOL!

I hope I explained this well enough.  It really was super easy.  Especially because my mom took pity on me and finished mine for me!  😉

Happy sewing!!