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Organizing one pile at a time!!!


Today I spent nap time organizing school papers I would like to keep for our oldest two daughters.

I made these books 5 years ago –oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s been that long ago!!  Man, I had such great ideas…

The album!

The inside of the album...

I was planning an envelope a month.  I had a book just for H’s pre-school year….I was doing awesome — I had September, October, and November looking great.  I had her hand print, favorite things, her handwriting, pictures, a little scrapbook each month.  Then…Reality sets in and I think – there is NO way I can do this every month for every kid – and a book for each year – NO way do I want to store 13 books for each of my children!! Geesh!

Ahh, such lofty ideas!

So, I decided to remake it so there will be an envelope for each year of school – one book for each child’s entire school career!

A much better idea!!  Too bad it has only taken me 5 years to revamp it!  I have had a growing pile of their papers waiting to be organized!

The beginning paper mess!

Well, I have finally had enough!!  The papers are sorted – a gigantic pile to be taken to the trash dumpster before the girls get home from school and an amazing two slim books siting in the whole space that used to be filled with papers!  YAY!!!

The papers “sliding” into the envelope!

I do still have to make a few adjustments to H’s book – – but *sigh* papers are finally dealt with!

(oops-forgot an “after” picture!  Trust me, I reduced this pile by at least 3/4 and it is all neatly placed inside the proper envelopes!)

This makes me so sad as I look through the great job I did for a few months of capturing our oldest daughter’s life at that time…then nothing…I guess it’s time to start doing a better job!

Love a productive nap time!


**Anybody else feel as though sometimes its faster to search online than dig through your craft junk stuff??!  I wanted to remember where I had seen how to make these books and I know I have the article somewhere…I found a really great adaptation of this album used for Christmas cards at http://www.angielucas.com/yeahwrite/2010/12/christmas-card-keeper.html.  The author of that blog said we both used an idea given by Donna Downey in Simple Scrapbooks magazine approximately five years ago.  (Sorry, but that article is buried deep – it has been 5 years after all!)

***I used 11 x 14 manila envelopes, mat board, 18×18 scrapbook paper and/or wrapping paper, and ribbon to make these.  If you would really really really like to know how I made them I will tell you…