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Old Ugly Buffet turned AMAZING!


While summer went by in a flash I missed out on posting…so I have to start with not summer memories, which would make more sense, but this project I’ve been wanting to share!

Inspired by none other than pinterest – check out what we did with our old buffet!  My handy dandy hubby cut the legs off, took the top molding off, and gave it a coat of much needed paint.

I tried my hand at making a cushion!  I know it looks extremely stuffed – but I wanted to give it room to break down a little.  I was cheap and stuffed it with batting instead of buying a cushion mold thing – and using a cushion would mean I would have had to do a terrific job sewing….hmmmm….

The cushion has already broke down to a normal size and we have filled the bottom part of the bench with all sorts of larger toys that needed a new place to hide!

For ten years on that wall hung a quilt made for us for our wedding.  It is beautiful and sentimental, but time for a change!  After taking down the quilt it seems the wall is amazingly huge!

I still am deciding what to do with the wall above our new ultra awesome bench…I am thinking different large sizes of favorite pictures with a “family rules” subway print in the middle.  Maybe black and white?  What do you think of that idea?  My hold up is – number one – time!  Number two – energy!  Number three – baby #4 will be here in a little over a month, so should we just wait until we have some pics of the new one??!!


For those super heroes in your life!

Super Hero Cape and Mask!

*I apologize for the orange chair background!  I finished up way after midnight and just wanted a picture!  Didn’t think it through…sorry!

I am excited to be linking to the Pinterest Partayy on one of my favorite blogs, Mrs Priss.  She challenged us to quit just spending millions of hours on Pinterest and actually make something we have pinned!

We have a couple little boys who are very special to us and for Christmas I whipped up these super hero capes and masks!  Even my super hero husband tried them out for size and I think secretly wants one for himself! 🙂

I had pinned the idea from http://mineforthemaking.blogspot.com/2010/07/super-cool-cape-tutorial.html

I pretty much did exactly what she suggested on her tutorial, just made the capes a little wider, made the eye holes bigger and used fold over elastic which is softer.

I delighted in making these and really can’t wait to make more!

Have you been making things you have pinned??  Meals, hair-do’s, organization, cleaning tips, crafts, etc?


I Love Felt and Pinterest!


I seriously love felt!  It is so soft, versatile, easy to work with, and cheap!  I have made many things with felt including food, headbands, bean bags, etc.  I will show you my latest felt project in just a bit…

Let me just say some days are just not as productive as others…

Today I spent my free time on pinterest.  I choose to think it is productive — so many GREAT ideas!!  My sister and I like to call it “Research”!

I chose my 4 favorite felt crafts off pinterest to share with you…There are sooo many awesome ideas out there and of course I loved so many of them, but I tried to narrow it down to multi-functional and easy creations!  My 5th pick is the one I created and can’t wait to show you!

1. Felt Scrap Bracelets from Bugs and Fishes



I am totally in love with these bracelets!  Definitely on my to do list!!

Her blog is full of wonderful felt crafts!

2. Great Flowers from Make it and Love it


Beautiful hair pieces made from wool felt…she provides patterns, wonderful directions…just wonderful!

Yep, on my to do list as well!

3. Simply Cute Bows from Ruffles and Stuff


She does a great job showing how to make these!  I love how cute and simple they are!  Definitely see these in my future!

4. Rolled Felt Flowers from Mrs Priss


I have made these and another of her rolled felt flowers and they are super cute and addictive!  She also has many other felt friendly crafts!  I absolutely love to read her blog!  She totally cracks me up!

5. Felt Hand-Stitched to Shirt from yours truly!  (I mean me…Rhinestone Raindrops)

As some of you might know, K-State played in a bowl game last Friday.  So, H needed a new shirt to wear to school!  Since I planned ahead waited until Thursday night to think of something we pulled a purple shirt out of her dresser and I excitedly hand stitched the letters on since I have been dying to try this! She of course requested bling as well!

I am so in love with this!  I hope to have more felt stitched shirts to show you soon!  (“Felt stitched shirts” seems pretty clunky to say, but I don’t know what else to call them!)

Ahh, I really do love felt!  And who doesn’t love Pinterest…except maybe my husband…

What are your favorite felt creations??