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Girls Night!!


Tonight I had a girls night with my daughters and one of my nieces.  What a great time with these awesome girls!!

I have to tell you this…they were totally cracking me up–they were taking turns spelling words with their eyes closed acting as though it was the toughest thing in the world to do…does it really make spelling words harder if you shut your eyes?

We treated ourselves to pizza, wings, and ice cream!  Then craft time!  We took empty toilet paper rolls and made them into fantastic bracelets!

Now let me tell you…I tend to be a bit of a control freak…I know some of you are not surprised!  So I tried really hard to just let the girls go with it!  These were their creations after all!

The three older girls enjoyed being let loose with paint, the youngest enjoyed eating a few foam brushes while no one was looking, and I enjoyed burning my fingers with hot glue!  (In case you are concerned, J just likes to take a bite out of the foam brush and spit it out — I now have several “V” shaped foam brushes…)  It was great quality time spent with the girls and I loved seeing what they came up with!  We still have some painted ones drying waiting to be finished tomorrow, but here are three that we finished tonight.

Aren’t these cute?!  Gotta love toilet paper rolls!

Do you have a favorite toilet paper roll craft?  How about a G-rated Girls night activity?

These girls exhausted me!  Off to bed!