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Long Time No See!! (or Blog)


Wow!!  It’s been a long time since I have posted!!  Sorry about that!  We have been hit with sickness at our house and now that everyone is finally well we have been busy busy busy!!

Want clued in on what we have been up to???

A weekend with friends in KC, a new gun, a ball, the zoo, bowling, and camper ownership!  (Just to highlight the FUN stuff!!)

How about hearing about the ball???  Never did I think we would attend a “Ball” in our life!

My handsome hubby and I went to a Black and White Ball with friends a little while ago.  It was a fundraiser put on by the Young Professionals and United Way Young Leaders.   The targeted age group was 20-40 year olds and the theme was masquerade.  It was like prom for old people!  It was fun to find a dress and make a masquerade mask.  As with anything it made it more fun to do with friends!

It really was such a fun evening.  It was so much better than prom.  You were with your husband and you could just relax and enjoy yourself!  We enjoyed a delicious dinner.  Ryan had lred fish on a bed of rice and I had steak with new potatoes and shaved brussel sprouts.  There was a photo booth where we took a series of fun pictures.  The dance went until midnight and we were definitely feeling our age and yawning by 11!   (But we stuck it out until midnight!)

We had so much fun dressing up and spending the evening together and with great friends.  We are looking forward to enjoying the event again next year!


*I found my dress on eBay for an amazing price.  My mom has always had to alter almost every dress I’ve ever worn, but amazingly this one fit perfect!  I was so pleased!  I was going to go for high heels, but practicality took over and I decided I would never make it all night in them so I found some awesome silver sequin flats that will look fab with jeans! 😉  A much better choice!

*My sister is awesome at doing hair – didn’t she do a fab job with my hair?!!  I am so thankful she was able to come do my hair, help me get ready, and spend the night with our girls!  I love when my family comes to visit!

I don't know why my eye is hidden on one side...looks a little crazy!

Have you attended any great functions with your significant other?

*I hope to catch you up speedily in the next week!  We’ll see how crazy our life gets this week!