A Special Birthday Celebration!!


Last night we celebrated a very special birthday at our house.  It was baby Ariel’s first birthday!  My middle daughter wanted this baby Ariel doll so badly for Christmas and she has kept her at her side since Christmas morning.  E has been planning Ariel’s birthday for quite some time.  However, she kept changing when her birthday actually was.  Well, yesterday E informed me that I needed to make a cake or brownies or something because Ariel was turning one.  We compromised with an ice cream birthday celebration.  So, mid-super bowl we gathered around the table and sang happy birthday to Ariel and watched as she “blew” out her candle,  “ate” her ice cream, and “opened” her gift.  E  gave Ariel a super sweet gift of jewelry and shoes!

Such super great memories made with a simple make-believe birthday party!  Isn’t the excitement of a child a most beautiful thing!!  Throw an impromptu doll or stuffed animal birthday party one of these days – they are amazingly stress free!!  And so much fun!!



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  1. Ahhhh…. you are such a good mom. So glad she had a great party for Ariel. It is the little things that show the greatest love. Love you all! Hugs & kisses

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