Hair Anxiety


I kept telling myself – what’s the worst that can happen?!  It’s just hair.  But I shudder as I think of all the bad hair I have had over the years!  Eeks!  I really am not even exaggerating!

I had finally found a beautician I loved-she could cut my hair so it looked great and I she is my friend.  Perfect!  Too bad she traded in her scissors to be a stay at home mom.  Yay!  So happy for her, so sad for my hair!  Now I have to start over in the beautician world.  So I’ve put off getting my hair cut waaaayyyy too long because I have hair anxiety!  I don’t want to go to someone new.  I have crazy hair and what if she can’t make it look decent?!  I know, I know, the problems of the world right here!

Well, I finally have had enough and made an appointment!  I went armed with my picture from…yup, you guessed it…Pinterest!  *Imagine my husband rolling his eyes here!*  I came home with short straight hair.  Today I have short curly hair!  (Beauticians seem to love straightening my hair – maybe they are trying to tell me something…hmmm…)  It’s been over 12 years since I have had such short hair so it is quite an adjustment, but it is growing on me.  Ha!  Catch the pun there?  I wasn’t even trying!  (Maybe it’s time for me to go to bed if I find that funny!)

My new short hair!

So, YAY!  No bad hair cut!

(I can’t be the only one this is important to can I???) 🙂



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  1. You are not the only one who cares!! I am still trying to recover from a bad haircut 8 months ago. I still don’t think it will be fixed for another 4 or so months. Hair does grow and it is just hair…but I think we should like how our hair looks and feel comfortable and beautiful! I think it is okay to put our best selves forward!
    I love how your hair turned out I think it is really cute!!

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