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Painting Marathon!!


Phewww!  What a week!  We have been home improving this week!  My very awesome hubby has been mudding and sanding new walls in our extremely improved bathroom.  Bleck.  (Only blecking the mudding and sanding!  Yay happy dance to the extremely improved bathroom!)  Then my sister and I spent two days painting – we painted 4 areas…quite impressive if you ask me!  And we live in an old farmhouse mind you, so painting isn’t such an easy chore!  First off – plaster and lathe *shudder*, weird slick wall board covering ceiling and walls in bathroom *super shudder*, and ridiculous paneling in my girls’ room *make me want to never paint again shudder*.

Want to hear about our amazing changes??!!

We painted our seriously in need of updating bathroom white with one wall deep red.  It spent about ten years being white and rubber duck blinding yellow.  TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!  (Why did I ever think that was a neat color?)  So bye bye duckies, hello way better!  Because all of the bathroom stuff is now all over the living room I am excited to re-organize the bathroom!  I do love to organize!!  And this room is in dire need of help!  3 girls and 1 mom who all love “accessories” equals a ton of stuff in the bathroom!!  The only thing possible to make me more excited than organizing this room is tearing down the walls and starting from scratch!

We painted the only walls in our entire house which have not been painted since we moved in.  A hallway was instantly transformed from boring white to a rich welcoming beige/tan.  My daughter likes to call it “boring beige” and gets tired of me always painting things “boring beige”.  But, I do like boring beige!  (Trust me we have enough color going on the walls NEED to be beige!)

We literally spent an entire day in the girls’ bedroom trying to change the walls from nursery green and yellow to bubble gum pink and k-state purple.  Amazing transformation…exhausting day!  Paneling.  That says it all!  When we finished we were a bit bummed because the seemingly bright beautiful pink dried to a not so cute coral pink.  Seriously, 7 hours for not so cute coral pink…  And a beautiful purple accent color which ended up not matching the pink so much…  Guess what??  Not changing the color now!  We will live with this until I forget again how much work it takes to paint the dreaded paneling!  (Took about 7 years to forget the pain of painting it nursery colors…How long do you think it will take this time??!!)

Drum roll please…the most exciting painting of all took place in our “new” and improved laundry room/bathroom!  About four years ago, before my dad was diagnosed with cancer, he helped us move our washer and dryer and expand a bathroom only big enough for a teeny tiny shower and toilet-with one step between the two.  (My dad made custom cabinet doors for a living, but had been a contractor for many years.  He was our resident handyman!)  We were relying on him heavily.  We tore down plaster and lathe, pulled up the floor, built some new walls…then our work came to an instant halt.  Well after working on it not much since then my hubby and I finally put on our big girl panties (Sorry Ryan) and decided we could do it!  We can finish this project!!  (I’m the resident cheerleader!)  So finally the new walls are finished and I am headed to put the last coat of paint on before I go to bed tonight this morning.  Tomorrow we embark on the laying tile adventure!! Oh, can you guess what color??  You got it!  Boring beige!  (A little different shade though!)

(I didn’t intend to get so windy – just stopped in to write a quick paragraph…  So if you made it all the way through this – THANK YOU!!)

Happy Painting!



Great Advice


Last night my husband and I enjoyed a date night with friends.  As much as we love our children it is great to go out without them once in a while.  Some of the best advice I was ever given was from our doctor.  Shortly after we had our first child he told us to go on a date once a month to remember we were a couple before we were parents.  What an idea!  Now we are the parents of three girls and it is even more important for our relationship to have some adult time.  We definitely have not had a date once a month, not even every six months, but just the overall philosophy has helped remind us we are Ryan and Jaimi, not just dad and mom.


Hair Anxiety


I kept telling myself – what’s the worst that can happen?!  It’s just hair.  But I shudder as I think of all the bad hair I have had over the years!  Eeks!  I really am not even exaggerating!

I had finally found a beautician I loved-she could cut my hair so it looked great and I she is my friend.  Perfect!  Too bad she traded in her scissors to be a stay at home mom.  Yay!  So happy for her, so sad for my hair!  Now I have to start over in the beautician world.  So I’ve put off getting my hair cut waaaayyyy too long because I have hair anxiety!  I don’t want to go to someone new.  I have crazy hair and what if she can’t make it look decent?!  I know, I know, the problems of the world right here!

Well, I finally have had enough and made an appointment!  I went armed with my picture from…yup, you guessed it…Pinterest!  *Imagine my husband rolling his eyes here!*  I came home with short straight hair.  Today I have short curly hair!  (Beauticians seem to love straightening my hair – maybe they are trying to tell me something…hmmm…)  It’s been over 12 years since I have had such short hair so it is quite an adjustment, but it is growing on me.  Ha!  Catch the pun there?  I wasn’t even trying!  (Maybe it’s time for me to go to bed if I find that funny!)

My new short hair!

So, YAY!  No bad hair cut!

(I can’t be the only one this is important to can I???) 🙂


One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure


I absolutely love to “upcycle”!  It’s so fun to transform something from just okay to fab!

I had to pick these outdated, ugly bill organizers up at a second hand store. They brought back memories of my Auntie Ellen’s house.  She had a bill organizer like this full of envelopes and hanging tons of keys.   I had grand plans to transform them into stylish bill organizers!  I am totally in love with the way they turned out!  Makes me want to organize some bills…kinda…

Have any great trash to treasure projects you love?


Dreaming of Warm Weather and Sandy Beaches!


Anybody else dreaming of a vacation?!  My first choice would be the ocean.  Ahhhh, the beach…  My second choice and true love is the mountains.  Beautiful, glorious mountains!  Where would be your ideal vacation?

The other day I told my husband we should make a trek to Yellowstone this summer.  He looked at me like I had lost my mind…he gives me that look often I’m afraid!  We seriously talked about it, but decided maybe to stay closer to home this summer and try for Yellowstone next summer.  Give the girls another year.  I will have to share my “Yellowstone Vacation” story with you some time. 😉

Beyond just dreaming of a big vacation I am dreaming of small vacations on the weekends – going camping!  I  I can’t wait until it gets warm enough to start packing up our gear and camping for the weekend!  Seriously, one of my most favorite activities!

I am inspired to make a quick album about our camping trip last fall.  And it just so happens I have a coupon for Shutterfly which expires tomorrow.  (Am I the only one who puts these off until the last minute?)  So, off to document the girls fishing, J eating the worm dirt, s’more making, and memories!


Project Life


Becky Higgins has long been one of my favorite scrapbookers because of her simple and manageable approach.  I absolutely love her Project Life project.  If you haven’t checked it out, you should!  You can use the kit to document an entire year, a lifetime of pictures, just anything you need!  It’s now available in digital or traditional — how exciting!!  Tater Tots & Jello is providing the chance to win a starter kit!

I have wanted to do this project since the first year she developed it…but I was scared I would spend the money and not stay committed to finishing the project.  Well, this is the year!!  A friend and I are going to both do the project and keep each other on track!  Yay!!  I feel as though I let life get away from me and don’t take the time to appreciate the blessings of our every day life..and this is my wake up call to myself — to make me open my eyes to the beauty of our every day life!

Seriously, you just have to check it out!


For those super heroes in your life!

Super Hero Cape and Mask!

*I apologize for the orange chair background!  I finished up way after midnight and just wanted a picture!  Didn’t think it through…sorry!

I am excited to be linking to the Pinterest Partayy on one of my favorite blogs, Mrs Priss.  She challenged us to quit just spending millions of hours on Pinterest and actually make something we have pinned!

We have a couple little boys who are very special to us and for Christmas I whipped up these super hero capes and masks!  Even my super hero husband tried them out for size and I think secretly wants one for himself! 🙂

I had pinned the idea from

I pretty much did exactly what she suggested on her tutorial, just made the capes a little wider, made the eye holes bigger and used fold over elastic which is softer.

I delighted in making these and really can’t wait to make more!

Have you been making things you have pinned??  Meals, hair-do’s, organization, cleaning tips, crafts, etc?